Porcelain maintenance
  Porcelain dishware should best be soaked in a basin, lined with soft towels. Add warm water and a mild detergent. Some experts recommend using baby shampoo; it’s gentle and doesn’t leave a film. Rinse the porcelain with ¼ cup of a mixture of white vinegar and water, and leave it to dry. Keep it away from abrasive scouring powder and steel wool!

Porcelain settings can go in the dishwasher (do not cram) as long as there are no gold decorations in the pattern. Use a rinsing agent in the dishwasher to improve the result. Flatware made of soft steel, especially knives, may leave metal streaks on a polished surface that cannot be removed in a normal cleaning process (but by rubbing it gently with metal polish).

To protect the glazing, avoid heavy rubbing when, for example, stacking plates.


 Manual porcelain


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