15 years of high quality design at affordable prices
BergHOFF Worldwide: 15 years of high quality design at affordable prices
BergHOFF Worldwide, designer and manufacturer of kitchen and table ware, celebrates its 15th anniversary. In the past 15 years the company has become one of the most important players on the international kitchen and table ware scene. BergHOFF WorldWide presents a complete spectrum of products in 9 categories: cook ware, flatware, knives, porcelain, hotel, electrical devices, barbecue items, lifestyle and accessories
Heusden- Zolder, July 2009 – “The company was founded back in 1994 and initial focus was on the market of private labels,” said Raf Vanthoor, founder and president of the company.
Soon the brand BergHOFF was created and became an  instant success in Germany. The rest of the world would follow in no time. A fair in Moscow initiated the penetration of the Russian market. The Ukraine and Poland continued the rise.
In 1997 the decision to work with only one agent per country was taken. “This choosing was decisive for our growth,” Raf Vanthoor explained. “Partners from all Eastern European countries committed themselves to represent BergHOFF in their country. The fact that we are able to offer a complete assortment of kitchen and cook ware convinced partners from all over the world.”
In 2000 a new chapter was written when the company’s first in-house designed products were produced and marketed. That same year the extension Worldwide was added to the name BergHOFF, showing the company’s growth and ambitions.
Since 2004 BergHOFF only has its own designs in the portfolio. The choice to solely offer in-house designs and to work with a company-based design department emphasizes the typical philosophy and vision and grants the designs characteristic properties. The articles have won the hearts of thousands of households and also international experts were delighted with the designs. Several products were honoured with international design awards.
The synergy between design department and other internal specialists allows BergHOFF to make design available for a wide public. Cost-reducing production methods and total control of all production stages make BergHOFF’s tagline affordable quality come true. And that claims goes for all the   2 000 products in the portfolio offered worldwide through retail and wholesale.
Today, the company comprises 60 warehouses and 3 000 points of sales. 12 000 people work, directly or indirectly, for BergHOFF WorldWide. Headquarters are located in Belgium.
BergHOFF Worldwide is aware of its social and economical role. “We take initiatives on a social and ecological level,” Mr. Vanthoor added. ”By starting the Earth Chef project for example, we support local sustainability projects worldwide and engage us to use natural resources in a responsible way.”
Thanks to a solid structure, strong partners and state-of-the-art products the conditions have been created for a further worldwide growth which will establish the brand BergHOFF even more.

To partners as well as to customers BergHOFF is, and stays, a strong brand.
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About BergHOFF Worldwide
BergHOFF WorldWide is an international company present in 57 countries. Headquarters are located in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. The company designs, develops and manufactures kitchen and cook ware. The product categories are: cook ware, flatware, knives, porcelain, hotel, electrical devices, barbecue items and accessories. Thanks to cost-efficient production methods combined with designs from renowned designers, BergHOFF is able to offer its customers design articles at affordable prices. Many designs have been internationally awarded. More info on BergHOFF Worldwide on www.berghoffworldwide.com and on www.earthchef.net
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