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Neo cookware and Cubo knives amongst the finest of 4,252 design articles
The Neo Glass cookware from BergHOFF, designer and manufacturer of high quality cook and kitchen ware,  received the prestigious Red Dot Award 2010 in the category product design. The award’s jury of international repute was impressed by the high functional and aesthetic value of the products since the elegant integration of body and lid offers well-conceived, pleasing functions. A second BergHOFF design, the Cubo knives set earned a Red Dot honourable mention for the subtle way of integrating 5 knives in a space-saving knife block.
Heusden-Zolder, March 2010 – In the Neo line, the integration of the handles on the pot and lid immediately catches the eye. A simple twist of the lid slides the lateral positioned handles over those of the pot, turning the 2 parts into one aesthetic whole. The functional strength then is unveiled too: the pouring rim opens and the integrated handles of cover and body now allow safe and comfortable pouring.
“Our designs should not just be beautiful but also functional” said award-winning designer Frederik Aerts, “and this 2010 Red Dot Award, together with those won in 2008 are a great honour and testament to the quality of our designs”.
The harmonic stylistic language with well-conceived functions was first introduced in the also internationally acclaimed ‘original’ Neo. “It’s clear that the Neo Glass is a true descendant, but with a personality of its own”, Frederik Aerts explained.
Beauty and comfort
The Neo Glass comes with a high polished 18/10 stainless steel body and lid which form an inventive alliance with their black matted handles. For added comfort, the grips remain cool during cooking thanks to the phenolic resin and silicone.
Together with the unique pouring function, the handles offer great convenience which is even enhanced by their soft grip feel.
The grey tinted glass in the shiny cover not just pleases the eye, but also helps preserving the ingredients’ nutritional value since the lid can stay on the pot during cooking.
A complete range
The series compromises a 16 cm / 6 ¼” saucepan, 3 casseroles (16 - 18 - 20 cm | 6/14” - 7” - 8”) and a covered stockpot of 24 cm - 10”. Those pots nicely nest together for convenient and space-saving storage. There’s also a covered skillet of 24 cm / 10” available. The Neo’s are suitable for all heat sources, induction included and their covers can take the role of hotplate too. All Neo Glass are dishwasher safe.
A second winner: Cubo knives
The Cubo knife series was designed for people who want some good versatile knives for the most common cutting jobs without having a whole arsenal piled up in the kitchen. And just as with the Neo series, here too, functionality goes hand in hand with appearance. The play of satin finished stainless steel blades and black matted handles and block make the Cubo a subtle yet attractive asset for every style-conscious cook.

The 5 knives are robust and durable. Each knife is well balanced and meets a cook’s ergonomic needs. The block is designed to hold the knives in a way it takes up only little space. The Cubo series comprises these knives: a chef’s knive, a carving knife and a bread knife, all 22 cm / 8 ¾”. A 13 cm / 5” utility knife and a 8 cm / 3 ¼” paring knife complete the set.
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