Consumers join international design experts
Consumers join international experts
 First, there was the Neo casserole to be awarded. Then, the EarthChef line carried off first prize and also the Zeno bowls were among the winners. And now, the Polish consumers award the Berghoff flatware with the Consumer’s Laurel, one of the biggest and best known consumer programs in Poland.
Berghoff was chosen by the Polish consumers as one of the most popular and valued brands in the country. “The award makes us very proud,” said Mr. Vanthoor president and founder of Berghoff, “since it’s the Polish consumers, the actual users of our products, who express their trust in our brand. The consumers link good taste, value for money and durability to our products”.
First in Poland, later worldwide
The company operates in 57 countries and has 60 warehouses all over the world. The Berghoff products are available on the Polish market since 19XX, which makes Poland one of the countries that helped the company to become one of the most important players on the international kitchenware scene. Berghoff offers a complete spectrum of kitchenware in 9 categories: cook and bake ware, flatware, knives, porcelain,  small electrical appliances, barbecue items, lifestyle products and accessories. For professional users in hotels, restaurants and many other places, a specific assortment has been developed.
The approach to make quality affordable
At Berghoff they daily make their tagline “affordable quality” come true thanks to cost reducing production methods and total control of all production stages which are supervised by internal specialists. “We have our own designers, we test prior to production, we do it again during manufacturing and again after. And we do that in our own testing centres,” Mr. Vanthoor explained. This approach emphasizes the typical philosophy of the brand and grants the products characteristic properties. The designs and their quality have won the hearts of thousands of households worldwide and also international experts were delighted by them. Several products were honoured international awards like the Red Dot Award, the Good Design Award and the “Design Preis Deutschland”.
Ready for the future
Berghoff is also aware of its bigger role and the importance of our environment. “We take initiatives on a social and ecological level,” Mr. Vanthoor added. “By starting the EarthChef project for example, we support local sustainability projects and engage us to use natural resources in a responsible way”.
Thanks to a solid structure, strong partners and state-of-the-art products, the conditions have been created for a further worldwide growth which will establish the brand “Berghoff” even more. The Consumer’s Laurels are proof of the strength and quality of Berghoff.
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