Mix, store and serve in 1 award-wining bowl
Mix, store and serve in 1 award-winning bowl from BergHOFF
Award-winning design, clever functionality and versatility in use are the distinguishing features of the Zeno mixing bowl created and produced by BergHOFF Worldwide.
Heusden-Zolder, November 2009 – Typical for the Zeno mixing bowl is its big “belly”. The rounded form is not only responsible for the characteristic look but also for the flexibility and versatility of this curvy object.
1 bowl, 3 functions
The Zeno mixing bowl consists of two elements: the bowl, made of 18/10 stainless steel with an inside and outside mirrored finish, and a black polypropylene lid. The combination of bowl and lid offers a multi-faceted use. Initially, the lid does what it is designed for: covering the bowl and protecting its content, in the refrigerator or elsewhere. But the clever part is to be found at the inside of the lid: a raised edge. When the lid is placed upside down – so with the raised edge pointing up - , it turns into a holder in which the bowl fits perfectly. The Zeno mixing bowl now takes the role of recipient for stirring, whipping and mixing while the lid/holder offers stability.
Both lid and bowl are designed in such a way that the bowl can be positioned in any desired angle without turning over. And that way, the Zeno mixing bowl shows a third aspect of its use: as a salad bowl or fruit basket, to present snacks, for serving food, … . Thanks to the unique and elegant design, the bowl and lid/holder can be put directly from the refrigerator or kitchen unit on the dinner table.
A 4th function
With a separately available grater top set, the Zeno mixing bowl’s functionality is expanded to an even wider range of applications. The set consist of 3 grater tops (very fine, fine and coarse) and a slicer, all made from heavy gauge stainless steel. They fit the 16 cm / 6 ¼” version.
International awards
The Zeno mixing bowl was praised by several international design experts for its functionality and attractiveness. The article was granted an honourable mention at the Red Dot Design awards, won the IF Design award and was nominated for the “Designpreis Deutschland”.
Three sizes
The Zeno mixing bowl comes in 3 sizes: 10” / 24 cm (6,4 qt / 6,1 l), 8” / 20 cm (3,7 qt / 3,5 l) and 6 ¼” / 16 cm (1,8 qt / 1,75 l). Each size can be acquired separately. The 3 bowls and their lids can be easily put away without taking much place in the cupboard since the smallest one fits inside the middle one, which on its turn fits the biggest bowl. With the rounded form, clean up is a breeze.
A complete line
The complete Zeno line compromises several pots and frying pans, pressure cookers, a 5-piece condiment set, a champagne cooler and an ice bucket. All carrying the “belly”, which characterizes this award-winning design.
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