New shopconcept for BergHOFF
BergHOFF Worldwide presents new shopconcept.
BergHOFF Worldwide presented its new shopconcept at the 2010 edition of Ambiente in Frankfurt. The new concept is developed with focus on aspects like experience and temptation. Material and colour characterize the design.
Heusden-Zolder, February 2010 –  The new Berghoff shop concept enhances the consumer’s shopping experience. The focus is on aspects like experience and temptation: the design appeals to the customer in an emotional way and offers room to wander through the shop, discovering the products in an active way.
Materials and colour
The new design is characterized by materials and colour. The tone is set by black and white furniture with natural accents coming from elements like water, fire, sand, wood and grass.
Curiosity and exploration
The shop window gives passers-by an impression of what to expect inside the store and tickles their curiosity to step into the shop for further exploration.
The bright, airy and pleasant atmosphere invites them in while the arrangement of displays challenges the shopper to further explore.
A central black wall with white shelves leads the visitor’s eye to look throughout the complete store. The diagonal placement adds a certain dimension to the space that also encourages the shopper to discover the complete shop. See-through elements and children’s drawings add a playful character.
Contrasting to the black centre wall, white shelves and presentation units offer a calm setting to display the products. Pedestals made from natural bamboo highlight selected products.
Additional elements like colourful pictures offer visual diversity but manage to keep the focus on the products displayed.
A mix of materials
The pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by a sand-coloured parquet floor, combining the colours of wood and sand, which is spiced by green strokes of (artificial) grass .
Against the walls, shelves made from glass and wooden composites offer a clear shelf build-up.
Those shelves are designed to hold little spotlights, putting focus on the displayed items. Big, stylish lamps in black fabric with the BergHOFF logo provide general lighting throughout the store and add a luxurious feel to the room. Smaller red lamps serve as an eye catcher above the counter.

Not just a counter
The counter has a dual role: its classical function but also as a hands-on area where cooking demonstrations can take place.
In shops where space allows, the knives are exhibited in a separate room. Stepping into this space offers a new dimension to discover the knives.
All elements – shelves, pedestal, presentation units – are developed to fit any shop and can be easily adapted to the needs of the products and available space.
The first shop fully designed to the concept will open its doors in Dubai by the summer of 2010.
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