The perfect incentive for coffee lovers: the clipping scoop
The perfect incentive for coffee lovers
The clipping coffee scoop is not just meant to keep your coffee fresh. When used as an incentive for all kinds of promotional actions, this 18/10 stainless steel tool is also perfect to keep a company’s brand fresh.
Heusden-Zolder, April 2010 –  As the name already reveals, this tool has a double function. It’s a clip and a scoop. The 17 cm / 6 3/4” clip is designed to keep a bag of coffee tightly closed till the very last. Clip and handle are one. The scoop allows to perfectly measure the amount, scoop after scoop while the handle is long enough to reach the bottom of the bag. And even though it’s called “the clipping coffee scoop”, the tool can be used for any ingredients that come in those typical bags: sugar, flour, tea, …
A part of the handle is made from ABS with a rubber coating. And that’s what makes this tool very much suited for incentive and loyalty programs. There’s plenty of room for a logo or brand tag: imagine a coffee brand offering this clip in a promotional action, or  a chain of coffee stores, or … . Marketeers can connect their brand to a reliable and convenient tool that’s used daily. That’s a daily chance to raise brand awareness in the homes of customers. The clipping scoop from BergHOFF keeps brands fresh.
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